How to make the perfect butter cream icing!

Hi peeps. I will be telling you how to make butter cream icing. This is very brisk so it is very easy to make.


75g Icing sugar

75g Butter

1 tsp Vanilla extract

4 tsp semi- skimmed milk



Mix your butter and sugar together with an electric mixer for 5 mins or until the mixture has gone white.

After, add your vanilla extract and mix it into your mixture.

Whilst mixing add your milk 1 by 1 and mix until fully combined

Spread on all your yummy treats!!!


I hope you consider making this for yourself and check out my last blog if you want to know how to make nutella cookies. Have a lovely rest of your day. BYYYYYEEEE X

Heidi @ 



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PS. Thanks for all the support it means the world to me XX


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