Hello everyone. I am now back from Cornwall and I thought I would do a review of the cottage I stayed in as I thought that maybe you would like to stay there one day. So lets get on with it.



So there are 3 bedrooms. One of which is on the ground floor with the kitchen , dining area and also the lounge. That bedroom has a private bathroom. Then upstairs the are 2 rooms 1 is a single room and the other is a twin room. All are very clean and very welcoming to stay in.

download (7)
These are the rooms you stay in


There are 2 bathrooms. One in the double bedroom on the ground floor which includes a bath, sink, toilet and cabinets to store your things in. The one upstairs is exactly the same but, there is a shower in it. They are very clean and tidy and they smell fresh.


These are the 2 bathrooms



The sitting room is down stairs as it is at the bottom of the house. It has a very cosy vibe to it with its beams and old ceilings. It has 2 cosy sofas, a flat screen TV, a fire place, coffee tables and a table full with Cornish games. There is also a bookshelf with a bunch of Cornish books.


Here is the sitting room



This room is a kitchen and a dining room together. There is a door leading to the master bedroom, a door leading to the porch and stairs area and a door leading to the sitting room. This room includes a table, oven, fridge, washing machine, sink and cupboards with utensils. It also includes 6 chairs and a sofa.1295777  Here is the dining room




06c484cd-524d-48c0-ab9b-020290f7656a_image_jpeg   This kebab shop sells lots of yummy food including: burgers, kebabs, pizzas, sausages and pies.


himalayanspice-liskeard-logo   If you like spicy things this is the place to go.


(There are lots of places to eat in Liskeard but if you want to find them out just google places to eat in Liskeard)


Contact Cider Cottage To Book Now:

Cider Cottage at Woodhill Mill Manor

Self catering holiday cottage 

Liskeard, Cornwall

PL14 6RD 

Lynn & Peter Murnaghan

01579 340904



 So I hope that you can stay there and have the best time in Cornwall. Make sure to keep on watch as I have 3 more posts coming up this week. Have an amazing day!!!!







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