What Snacks To Pack When Your Going on A Road trip!!

Hello everybody! On Friday the 11th of August, my family and I are going on a holiday to one of my favourite places, Cornwall. I wanted to put together this blog post to remind myself about this holiday and also to help you pack some pretty yummy things to enjoy on your 3+ hour trip. So here goes…….

image Of course your going to want some salty things so I recommend taking a pack of HULA HOOPS as they are really good and also fun to eat.


french-british-stock-volvic-touch-of-fruit-strawberry-flavour-water-case-of-24-x-500ml-bottles-2395-p Next you should take a bottle of either normal or flavoured water because it is really important to stay hydrated on a long trip. I love the volvic strawberry water (as you know I love strawberries).


54fe09b5d7c63-granola-bar-recipe-recipe-1009-lgn  Next you should take some cereal bars (or take the bars we made in my last post) because they are a nutritious snack. Also you can have healthy or unhealthy bars -the choice is yours.


polar-mints-pastel-candy  If your an anxious traveller (like me) I would say to take some peppermints to calm your nerves. Also it is nice to have fresh breath when you have been breathing in the same air for the past 3 hours.

So that is it and I hope you enjoyed this post. I will write about my trip to Cornwall and I hope your week will go well. Thank you for reading my post and have a tremendous rest of your summer.


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