Places To Eat In London

I travel to London quite a bit. Throughout the years I have been travelling there, I always come across some restaurants that I have never been to.  I will be telling you some places where I have been for lunch and dinner. 


logo-on-blue12009416854132-634x400   Caffe Nero: I know this is a coffee hut but, they do sell some amazing things that I really do enjoy. 

83454cbe-efb5-4c7e-9d23-57e74ac089c9   BLUEBERRY MUFFINS

tumblr_n0sr5gL6WV1rqj2w5o1_500   HAM AND CHEESE TOASTIES


tumblr_ng5twu6wSq1u233i8o1_500  CAPPUCCINOS


 Bella-ItaliaBella Italia: EVERY TIME I go to London this is my fav place to go as I just love it!!! It sells the most amazing food and drinks. Plus I love pasta!!!!


20150714-pizza-carne-mista031-lrj.jpg  PIZZA


pasta-marco-polo1241 SPAGHETTI BOLOUGNASE 


bella.jpg Here is the children’s menu for you to have a look at if you want to see what you can get!!

pMmFB7PI Pizza Express: The best pizza place in London as it is soo yummy and I love it. It is a little pricey but it is defo VFM!!! 

Margherita 489x318 PIZZA (obvs) 

download (2)  DUMPLINGS


download (3) ICE CREAM


IMG_1391.jpg Here is the children’s menu so you can decide from your device!!!

I hope your trip to London is more fun now you have got all the best places to eat! Thank you for reading my beanilicious post today! Have fun eating!!!!!






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