Frankie and Benny’s


Beans Scoring

Menu: 3 beans- On the menu, there were not many vegetarian options as there was only salads,fish and chips available. I would make the menu available to all eaters (vegans and vegetarians).

VFM: 5 beans- My meal was defiantly VFM!!! Really enjoyed and I would give my money to this restaurant.

Presentation: 5 beans- Presentation was good. On the meal I ordered it was nicely presented with the spaghetti in the middle, the bolougnase on the pasta and my garlic bread on the side. (:

Portion size: 5 beans- IT WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you love to eat defiantly go to f&B as they have huge portion sizes.

Taste: 5 beans- The taste was so good. I loved the bolougnase and the garlic bread the most as they were so good!

Side orders: 5 beans- You could order sides to come with your dish. I ordered garlic bread and they were huge!

Service: 5 beans- The staff were friendly and service was prompt. I will defiantly be going back.



This is a good restaurant and I would recommend if you like Italian food. (:


cropped-bean-image1.jpg BEANILICOUS!!!!!


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