The King and Castle Windsor

Beans Scoring

Breakfast Menu: 5 beans The menu had options for everyone as there was a vegetarian option for adults and children. Good menu!

VFM: 5 beans The food was really cheap and you got a lot for your money!

Presentation: 5 beans The food was presented in an inviting way.

Portion size: 5 beans The sizes were huge! It left me and my family feeling full for the rest of the day!

Taste: 5  beans The sausages ans hash browns were the best I’ve ever had!

Side orders: 4 beans You had the option to order extra mushrooms and breakfast bits to come with our full English. We did’t order sides but they looked amazing!

Service: 5 beans The staff members were kind and the service was prompt. When we go back to Windsor, we will defiantly go back to this pub!


34/35   I would recommend this pub if you are sightseeing in Windsor as you will leave with your hunger gone!


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