My favorite foods

I bet your all wondering what are my top 5 favorite foods. Well, your in for a treat as I am sharing with you my most favorite foods EVER!

classic-roast-beef  1. I am obsessed with roast beef as I ALWAYS have it when there is a Sunday roast at a pub or if a family members cooks . It is the best meat ever in my opinion. I think it is much better than chicken, lamb, pork and all the other meats.

download (1) 2. On the more treat side, I really love strawberries as they are my favorite scent. They explode in my mouth making my tongue tingle and the taste sharp which I love. They are my favorite fruit as well as food.

download (2) 3. I LOVE carrot cake as it is so yummy and beanilicous . It is my fav dessert especially with buttercream and strawberries. I would recommend you trying this cake if you haven’t already because it is lush.

download (3) 4. Celery is not a common vegetable but I love it in my salad or on its own. It is juicy and plain and that is what I like about it. You can find celery in Tesco, Asda, Lidl and other supermarkets.

IDShot_540x540 5. Strawberry gum is my favorite chewie and I really recommend this product as it is AMAZING for it’s price (49p) and the gum inside. Me, my brother, and my sister are all obsessed with this chewing gum.


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