Healthy Travel Snacks

Pack your bags. Lets go on a adventure. But wait, what should we pack to eat? Well don’t worry as this post is all about what snacks to pack whilst your traveling. Here are 5 things to pack when your travelingbanana-crop

 1.  A banana is a light piece of fruit to travel with and it is healthy. Everyone loves bananas am I right!

2. Raisins are a very easy snack to have on the go plus they are healthy and yummy if you like fruit.

 3. Popcorn is a good snack to take on the go because you need a little treat. You can also put it in a pot and eat it whenever you want.

 4. Smoothies are a good thing to take as you can make them the day before and pop them in the fridge untill you need them. You can put anything in smoothies and thats what makes them great.

5. Granola is one of my favourites as you can buy it from any shop and it is cheap. You can have it with fruit or anything really.


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