My Favourite Places To Eat In Hertfordshire

As I live in Hertfordshire, I wanted to share with you my top 3 places to eat so you can try them out and love them as much as me!

Harvester_Logo_GOLD_Custom1 1. The Harvester is my top favourite places to eat because the food is delightful and there is a salad bar and I love salad so much.   35/35


queens head 2. The Queens Head is the best pub I have ever been to. I made a blog post about “The Queens Head” explaining the food, staff and what the pub is really like.   35/35


f3MUpQR1 3. Toby Carvery is the place I would live in if I could. I think you all know I love a good roast and you can have a roast not only on Sundays but EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   35/35


bean image stock-vector-i-love-food-vector-pin-button-badge-138427187 (1)


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