The Queens Head

March 26th 2017

Beans Scoring

  • Menu= 5 beans- The menu was for all people as they had an option for everyone. Sunday roast menu offered adult and children portions plus vegetarian options.
  • VFM= 5 beans- YESSSS!!!! Huge portions! Good VFM!
  • Presentation= 5 beans- Presented very well (they must have put a lot of hard work into presentation). They gave me a huge plate for the roast I ordered and the utensils to eat with.
  • Portion size= 5 beans- Very well sized as the roast lamb was huge and so were the vegetables. Definitely a very good portion size for the excellent price paid.
  • Taste= 5 beans- The food tasted SOOOO good. I thought the roast lamb melted in my mouth and the vegetables tasted really good. I would recommend this venue if you want some yummy food!
  • Side orders= 5 beans- We ordered Yorkshire puddings to go with our dinner and the were the size of my head. they were full with gravy with made it even more “BEANILICIOUS”!
  • Service= 5 beans- The staff are really friendly and they work hard to please their customers. I always leave there with a huge smile on my face and if you go there, I am sure there will be no doubt you will be impressed by the value, quality and excellent customer service.  🙂


35/35   I would really recommend this family friendly pub as it is one of my favourites and it is in walking distance from my house. I hope you can find this review helpful so you can go and have an amazing time at “The Queens Head”.  🙂



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