Five Horseshoes

19th March 2017

Beans Scoring

  • Menu= 5 beans- They had options for all- Adults, Children, Vegetarians and meat lovers. Good menu choices as well.
  • VFM= 4 beans- The food was really nice, but I think they should have made the portion sizes larger.
  • Presentation= 4 beans- I think they could have presented the food nicer on the plate as it looked like they had just thrown the food on the plate 😕 , but, the tables were clean and tidy.
  • Portion size= 3 beans- They really could have made the sizes larger as they were smaller than I was expected. So if you wanted good food with large portion sizes, I would recommend the quality but not the quantity.
  • Taste= 5 beans- The food tasted surprisingly good (even though the portions were smaller than I expected) and I ate it all. The roast beef was cooked well and I enjoyed eating there.
  • Service= 5 beans- The staff members are really friendly and helpful as they asked if you wanted anything extra. I really enjoyed visiting this restaurant.  🙂


26/35    This is a very good pub, but I think a few things should be improved to make it a  top scorer. However, I would still recommend ‘5 Horseshoes’ if you wanted to visit a good family pub.


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